An exclusive version

Based on a modification of the SR-3M by a russian spetsnaz operator name "Karden", that rifle's version is unique through the world.


The closest to the original SR-3M

That product is an high quality airsoft training rifle made in Russia and it's the most precise replica ever made of that rifle. The occured problems of china's and taiwan's manufacturers are all fixed. 


Features :

  • Strong and reliable body
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent balance
  • Original body scale (PSO scope can be attached without any problem)
  • High details level (original markings, original selector, original magazine...)


This is the best replica ever made of the SR-3M.

LCT magazines are compatible.

Ideal for confirmed players who do not want to loose their time.


2 in 1 

An inner barrel is included into the suppressor.

Features :

  • 65 FPS more with silencer
  • Quick power change
  • Quick maniability change

Power and maniability of the rifle can be adapted for indoor games or outdoor games. As a result it have an extended range or more maniability. 


An unique airsoft rifle

That airsoft gun is hand made with artisanal process in Russia. Buying this product you get an exclusive model with an unique serial number. Some little imperfections due to the fabrication method are making this replica even closest to the real one, and give it its own history.


About the original

The russian made SR-3M is a Special Automatic Rifle using subsonic 9*39mm bullets. In use only with some russians special forces and private security companies due to its high production cost, the SR-3M is a pretty universal weapon how's giving the possibility to fight from close to long range with stealth, or not.

That rifle is a remake of both VSS and AS VAL with removing silencer wich is giving a more universal use. He's made with an integret vertical grip too.

In service since 1996, the real model was designed by TSIINOTOCHMASH and now being produce by TULA ARMS PLANT. 

SR 3M "Karden" STO 9x39

619,60 €Price
Choose your version :
Choose your spring power :
Choose your plastic parts color :
  • Global Features

    • Lenght without suppressor : 410mm folded / 675mm total
    • Lenght with suppressor : 700mm folded / 960mm total
    • Weight with suppressor : 3300g
    • Weight without suppressor : 2800g
    • Material : Steel / Polyamide
    • Original phosphate coating for weapons
    • Energy : Electrical (AEG)
    • Fire Modes : Semi auto / Automatic
    • Gearbox : V3 fully upgradable
    • Motor : Short type
    • Hop up : Adjustable
    • Magazine Capacity : 90 shots (compatible VSS and AS VAL)
    • Battery (not included) : Connector T-Dean / 3 or 2 bloc battery type / 7 x 20 x 130mm (for each)
  • Internal Features

    • Hop-up unit : AK type
    • Inner Barrel : 210mm * 6.02mm
    • Suppressor's Inner Barrel : 300mm * 6.02
    • Gearbox : V3 fully upgradable
    • Motor : Short type
    • O-ring : Remplaced
    • Shimming : Made
    • Spring guide : Metal
  • Warranty

    Buying this airsoft gun you beneficiate a 2 years warranty service for external parts.

    You can referee at the warranty and returns page

  • About shipping

    Pre-order : please accord us 5 to 6 weeks to manufacture your airsoft gun.

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